Thursday, November 22, 2012

Windows Server 2012 Server Manager

Ever wonder what's the new interface of Windows Server 2012 Server Manager looks like? Well it's a bit different than Windows Server 2008 Server Manager.

Here's the quick preview of Windows Server 2012 Server Manager Console.

The new Windows Server 2012 Server Manager expands its features and capabilities in order to make the life of Server Admins easier. From the Server Manager console, you can manage a role and its servers unlike the old Server 2008 Server Manager.

Windows Server 2012 Server Manager can deploy both roles and features in a single session using the unified Add Roles and Features Wizard and can provision servers from one single console without requiring either physical access to the systems or need to enable RDP connection to other server.

Server 2012 Server Manager is a multi-server management tool. Your servers appear all at once and you can organize these servers into groups if you want them to and you can generate status views and reports for multiple servers. So to put it simple, WINDOWS SERVER 2012 IS MORE MANAGEABLE THAN EVER!

In my next posts, I will discuss each of Windows Server 2012's functions, capabilities and features that will surely help other IT pros out there!

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