Thursday, November 22, 2012

Change your Windows 8 App Icons in the Start Screen

Ever wonder on how you can change your Windows 8 App Icons in the Start Screen? This tutorial will show you how you can change your application icons in your Windows 8 Start Screen. Let's begin.

1. Let's say on this tutorial I would like to change the icon of my Yahoo! Messenger, first go to your Desktop and right click on your application and click Properties.

2. In the Properties, click the Change Icon option.

3. Inside the Change Icon option, click Browse and locate your desired icon.

4. Now locate your desired icon and click Open once done. Please note that your image icons should be in .ico format.

5. Go back again to your Start Screen, right click on your Yahoo! Messenger icon and click Unpin from Start.

6. Go back to your Desktop, right click again on your Yahoo! Messenger program and now click Pin to Start.

7. Now go back to your Start Screen by pressing the Windows Key and notice that your Y! Messenger icon has changed. Congratulations!

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