Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hyper V Server Error - An attempt to initialize VM saved state failed

When I was working with my Hyper V Server creating a new virtual machine, I encountered this error message saying that the "operation has failed, general access denied error. 0x80070005"

So basically, I already had a clue by just looking the error message that this has something to do with the NTFS permissions. So here's what I did to solve this.

1. Go to the root drive and go to the NTFS Permissions tab

 2. Now, click "Edit" and click "Add". We're going to add a user here in order to fix the issue.
3. Then add in the "Authenticated Users" group and make sure that it has the "List folder contents & read" permission. Then click "Apply" and "OK" for the changes to take effect.

4. Then go back to your Hyper V console and try creating a new virtual machine again and see your VM live in action.

VM for Windows Server 2008 R2
VM for Windows Server 2012

Still having problems creating VMs on your Hyper V server? Leave a comment and I'll get back at you. :)


  1. sir gud pm po..isa po ako sa mga umatend ng virtualization seminar sa lyceum last feb 1.. sinusubukan ko po iconnect ang network ng hyper v server using win8 at winxp sa vm.. hindi ko po maiconnect... pwede po ba pgawa ng step by step ng networking salamat po.. :D

  2. sir pwede po ba malaman if how to copy/save files from os in vm to hyper v host?? and how to install applications to os in vm? natry ko po kasi eh dpat nakaISO ung folder at sa DVD drive ng vm inaaccess..
    tpos paano po gumawa ng share folder na maacess ng both hyper v at vm??? salamat po.....

  3. Hi Anonymous, please provide your name please. I'll create a detailed steps for you. Thanks :)

  4. Still problem any other idea?...

    1. In My care, We had A hyper v VM with 2 snapshot, which were deleted from console but not removed from the original location due to VM machine not shut down. So to merge the snapshots I have shutdown the VM and found that merging of snapshot repeating again and again. If I try to start the VM then getting error that "VM name" An attempt to initialize VM saved state failed and "VM Name" failed to create or access saved state fail. Search the solution in many articles but no use.

      Finally the solution is the VM Snapshots size one is 23GB & one is 26GB but the drive hosting the VM and snapshots having a 0% free space. So I managed to make some free space and the problem got resolved. I can see that merge is finished and I can able to start my VM and its working perfectly.

      Note: make sure that you have sufficient free space in the drive which is hosting your VM & snapshots (At least 40% of VM+ Snapshot size).

  5. Hey Khaja Mohiddin Y, thanks for sharing your troubleshooting steps. Appreciate it.

  6. Hi, just wanted to say "Many Thanks!" for your helpful post.